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Strategy: Basic strategy Opening the position Sell a Put option with a strike price lower than the current market price of the underlying security.

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Steps Entry: Is the market trend actually increasing or stagnating after the option purchase? Write a Put option with lower strike price than the current price of the underlying security OTM Put.

Write a Put option with a strike price close to the current price of the underlying security ATM Put if there is no upcoming earnings.

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The option should be sold only if the writer thinks that the share price will rather increase than fall. Exit: The writer hopes that the price of the underlying will increase or stagnate, so the options will expire worthless and he can keep the premium.

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If the share price decreases below the Stop Loss level, opció egyszerű nyelven writer can leave the position by buying back the sold option. Basic characteristics Maximum loss: Strike price - premium.

Increasing as the prices fall.

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Maximum profit: Limited. The profit cannot be bigger than the premium tankönyv opciós kereskedés. Time decay: Time decay has a positive effect on the Short Put.

The closer the option to expiration the more it increases its value.

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Breakeven point: Strike price - premium.