Metatrader python 3

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It will focus on one pair for now in the Foreign Exchange market and will trade a breakout strategy. This bot will look at different time frames to add to the confluence for its entering and exits.

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It will need to be able to: 1 Measure the wicks and candle bodies, identify the current momentum of the market 2 Identify minor and major zones on the metatrader python 3 time frame and lower time frame charts 3 Structure its take trendvonal funkció and stop loss with the current market structure 4 Understand when price is having issues breaking past a zone on lower time frames and exit a trade safely in case of a reversal in momentum.

We want to integrate a neural network into the bot as this will allow for the EA to understand the cycles the pair goes through as years go by.

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This will allow for a realistic way for the bot to trade like a human, and not rely on indicators to enter and or exit trades. We would need to backtest it of course with previous market history to ensure that it is ready for current market conditions. Candidates will be asked the following questions- Are you proficient with creating EA's in MetaTrader? Do you have experience creating EA's with Neural Networks?

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