Bybit bot

Lets first create the framework.

bybit bot

Lets always just long or short for the current price. This is how the system must work: 1 When no trade is active, always start a new LIMIT order trade with a fixed amount of on x In the config file there should be a solution to define if trades are always long bybit bot short for the example here we use long.

But now we use the liquidation price of the first anti-liquidation, the deeper level below that, level below that, etc.

bybit bot

Now if the take profit bybit bot is hit. All other limit and conditional orders are closed again and we repeat all the steps.

Mit mondanak az Autocrypto-bot ajánlásai: megéri-e bízni? Trendvonal bináris opciós stratégia módszer az opciókkal való pénzszerzésre, módja a bitcoinok gyors keresésének opciós árhatárok. I coded a stock market trading bot. This is how much it made in a week.

If an anti-liquidation limit order hit. The original take profit order is canceled and a new take profit limit order is set with the new price.

bybit bot

So no delay for candle closes. The only command to start the bot should be --start.

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After this bot is done lets move on to the strategy part. As I dont know you and you dont know me I like to see if we talk the same language and there is room for a longer relationship. This also mean; dont bid higher than Im willing to pay in this first release.

Best regards.